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    Samantha in the house... so watch out !!!

    Hi, my name is Samathan and I am a oriental fan freak. Zen, yoga and meditation are my key elements in life right now. My hobbies are video games, specially driving ones like GT and all water activities, swimming is great. Hope to have a great time with you all !!! :stuart:
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    I know it may sound pretty obvious but, what about open office ?
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    What´s your favorite PS3 game ?

    The funny part of the story is that I don´t even have a driving license :innocent: so I try the virtual world to calm myself
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    Gimp for windows

    AWESOME, thanks a lot Dzi for the info. I am going to check it right now :tt2:
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    Which mobile OS you use?

    I use android, tried BB and Windows Phone and for me there´s no doubt about the winner.
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    Abandonware on

    Indeed, I am still looking for a working link of Theme Hospital. I just loooove that little game.
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    75% off on Deus Ex Collection

    Got too late :yawn: Oh well, I will wait for another offer, 54.99 euros for the collection seems way off the mark for me.
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    What´s your favorite PS3 game ?

    I start myself, my favorite is... The one and only: Gran Turismo. Love cars !!!!!
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    What are you playing now?

    I just got the new version of Final Fantasy 7 for PC. It´s the third time I play it but... I just can´t help it, I love the game soooooo much
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    security softwares

    I know may seem kind of obvious but how about avast antivirus. It´s the one I use and completly safe right know. :cool2:
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    Microsoft promjenio logo

    Meni se bas i ne sviða :001_9898:
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    What's your Internet Speed?

    Here goes mine : Cheers
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    How to stream HD videos to Apple TV 3?

    Yep, work´s get, is the one I use on my Apple TV. The only issue I have sometimes is that when streaming HD videos, the sound goes out of sync.
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    Gimp for windows

    Hi, does anybody know if Gimp is avaliable for windows users ? I need a free license program for a project I don´t seem to find any, it does not have to be gimp, any other free open source graph editor will do. THXS :p
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    Replay Youtube Videos Using TubeReplay

    I prefer do downloading with atube, but I will give it a try
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    Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 download

    Ill give it a try, thxs for the info.