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    Budgetary software development

    It's rather a problem when you don't have enough money for start-up. There are only few way to solve it I guess, theguaranteedloans can give money for this deveopment. Because you need to understand that it's almost imporssible to create something without external money..
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    Joke of the day

    Loool.. well enough
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    What types of movies do you like most?

    horror movies are my favorite
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    Why do you read books?

    Why do you read books guys? Do you really like it or it's just necessary additional dor your study?
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    Nice video, fun enough. I am wondering, how can I download this one?
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    What proxy software is best?

    I suppose I can't name the best one. The only thing I can certainly say that using vpn or proxy software is necessary to keep yourself safe in internet. Veepn was the last proxy-app I used and I was pleased with it
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    What is your favorite Internet search engine?

    Mine is google but there are some details I want to notice and firtst of them - I heard that goodgle used to track user's seach history and I don't like it at all so I even started using Veepn to avoid being tracked by google.. I am not sure if it's true or not but anyway it's much more better...
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    What is your favorite video player?

    I used to KMPlayer. Good enough
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    What is the best music player? with great equalizer options?....................................

    wind media player cause it's standart software and comfortable in using anyway
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    How To Troubleshoot Issues in MySQL

    I have not seen any like that..
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    Microsoft Edge on Chromium

    Don't you know Edge provides vpn like chrome vpn or opera vpn? It would be awesome additional for browser. I have been using Veepn for a long time, and I would be really glad to see new browser with vpn providing too.