RWATCH R10 Smart Watch for only $20


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Nowadays, with the rapid development of social, most products are smart - Smart TV, smart phone etc., and smart watch also emerges.
RWATCH R10 - A smart watch phone that you must take into account, not only the elegant appearance, but also a wealth of contents - Combines with many functions, such as heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep tracking, compass, remote camera, dialing and so on.
Own it, you own colorful life!

Main Features:
Two-way communication
1. Bluetooth dialing: Make a phone call via Bluetooth
2. SIM card calling: Insert your SIM card, then you can call your friends
Compass: Show you the direction, convenient for your outdoor sports, never worry about disorientation
Heart rate monitoring: Monitor your heart rate, help you do reasonable exercise
Pedometer: Monitor the daily movement, always check the movement distance, speed and the number of steps, energy consumption etc.
Sleeping tracking: Track your sleep during the night and help you know the sleep quality and form good habit
Find phone: Help you look for your smart watch, when RWATCH R10 and phone in the effective Bluetooth distance
Remote camera: Control your smart phone to take photos and you can enjoy the pleasure of taking photos on your wrist
Bluetooth music: Play music via Bluetooth, enjoy the wonderful music, just a swipe of your finger
Phone book: Display contacts in the RWATCH R10 as many as 1000 pieces

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