What Was The Last Movie You Saw?


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I like Marvel, so the last movie I`ve seen is "Avengers. The Infinity War". Did anybody see it, if yes, do you like it?

Anna White

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Ready player one... Had no expectations and found it enjoyable enough for what it was. Also has some of the best surround sound action scenes I have ever heard. Sounded great on my 6.0 system.

Anna White

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American History X
Never seen this before, guess I have avoided it as the subject matter seemed a bit hardcore. But it is a great film, one of the best I have seen for a while.

Anna White

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Kong Skull Island

There are some good moments but editing is all over the place. The whole film I was like - "oh I guess that scene is over. On to the next one then"
Some really great visuals though. Also, Tom Hiddleston is miscast.