7-Zip je program za arhiviranje. Pročitajte više o 7-Zip
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7zip - How to Download, Install and Use 7zip Video
How to Download, Install and Use 7zip In this video, I briefly introduce and explain what is 7zip - a free open source file archiver (a Winzip alternative) for Windows. I illustrate step-by-step how to download, install and use 7zip. WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS 04. How to hyperlink references in LaTeX https://youtu.be/4H0ZrDHdHkY 03. How to add hyperlinks to a LaTeX document https://youtu.be/IdWlpQLGNxw 02. How to cite references in LaTeX https://youtu.be/gfVkukKd2Ug 01. Write your first LaTeX document using TeXstudio https://youtu.be/TqwgNRbd-2I Selenium IDE Demo A tutorial for beginners https://youtu.be/ZG3VFDMaAlk How to install Selenium IDE https://youtu.be/agEu89x1PkA What is Selenium IDE https://youtu.be/DDCcOp8Pl5w How to Download, Install and Use 7zip https://youtu.be/WhY-4JIukv4 Securely encrypt and decrypt files using 7zip https://youtu.be/icG__m92tRY How to Download, Install and Use 7zip https://youtu.be/WhY-4JIukv4 Is Windows OS 32 bit or 64 bit version? https://youtu.be/4zX2v6gZC_c How to create two balanced columns in a Word Document https://youtu.be/3rhKAubfLzA 11. Configure an FTP Server on FreeNAS https://youtu.be/u0TB0Yf9b_c 10. Create and Share a RAID 5 Volume in FreeNAS https://youtu.be/AL0tFLvi6qU 09. Create and Share a RAID Stripe Volume in FreeNAS https://youtu.be/r97T3YaH2-Y 08. Configure a WebDAV folder in FreeNAS https://youtu.be/LIKZT1xVldY 07. Configure a Windows shared folder in FreeNAS https://youtu.be/QeKOj7_qdPg 06. FreeNAS Web Administrative Console Explained https://youtu.be/-JnFkoqQxaU 05. Booting and configuring FreeNAS for the first time on a Virtual-Machine https://youtu.be/3dp7oLAtJH8 04. Install FreeNAS on a Virtual Machine https://youtu.be/esUU6ZzANUg 03. Configure a FreeNAS Virtual Machine before installing FreeNAS https://youtu.be/TF6agHu14I0 02. How to download the FreeNAS Operating System ISO file https://youtu.be/odEy0F6Ur9A 01. Brief Introduction to NAS Storage and FreeNAS https://youtu.be/NhwZV6PZyp0 WATCH SOME JAVA TUTORIALS Enhanced For Loop Explained and Illustrated https://youtu.be/DMCzrojoHgY How to use the Shortcut Operators https://youtu.be/zgQRCfEsHIQ How to use the Conditional Operator ( ? : ) https://youtu.be/ELBN9LNWavQ Compare Objects - Equality Operator Vs Equals Method https://youtu.be/tJQlBTnEekQ Passing by Value (Object References) https://youtu.be/BHtfb3lfc-g Command Line Arguments https://youtu.be/8lvb7sSDAuk How To Write A Method Part II https://youtu.be/dNFsljRwZhA How To Write A Method Part I https://youtu.be/qQDGYfQPpGg Passing by Value (Primitive Data Types) https://youtu.be/h9uD7ipqu3w Division and Modulo Operators Explained https://youtu.be/C_U3DgzFCpU Operator Precedence Explained https://youtu.be/iWFmd3HZ4dM What are Data Types, Variables and Constants? https://youtu.be/pw0WTlaw74c How to use Nested If Statements https://youtu.be/NrYRPr2grdc How to use simple If Statements https://youtu.be/OqrgC3IATYI What are Control Flow Statements https://youtu.be/0bWnwpZt67w How to Write, compile and run your first Java program on Windows https://youtu.be/EAFERGKdAko How to write, compile and run Java programs all within Notepad++ https://youtu.be/NaPlD6YVNnQ How to download and install the Notepad++ editor on Windows https://youtu.be/bess4G8YG8U