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Sveobuhvatna razvojna okolina koja omogućuje programerima pisanje, debugiranje, testiranje i oponašanje Android aplikacija neprimjetno.. Pročitajte više o Android Studio
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Get the Android Virtual Device Here : Download Java 1.8 : Android Studio Download : Android OEM USB Drivers : Git Tutorial : Best Android Book : I have been getting Android Studio requests for a while now so I decided to make one. In my opinion Android Studio is finally better then Eclipse for developing Android apps. It is also very easy to install. We'll look at how to install it on Windows and Mac OSX. Then well configure everything properly to make sure we handle the potential errors. We set up gitHub and go over how to push to remote repositories. We then look at Gradle, the interface and much more.
Introduction to Android Studio Video
A high level introduction to Android Studio, the new IDE for Android application development. Learn why you should migrate your projects to Android Studio now and how it can help you be more productive as a developer. Rich layout editor, handy suggestions and fixes, new Android project view - these are just some of the things you can expect from the IDE, which is built on the successful IntelliJ IDEA.