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ClickCharts Software Tutorial | Overview Video
This video will give you an overview of ClickCharts flowchart and diagram creation software. Download ClickCharts to get started: ClickCharts Diagram and Flowchart Software makes it easy to organize and display data visually. When you open the program, choose a blank canvas or select one of the templates. Everything that you need is easily accessible. The symbols are located in the left panel. Select a category from the dropdown list at the top of the panel for access to a set of symbols. At the bottom of the screen, tips are displayed for your current tool or selection. To the right of the tips, you will see buttons to turn on and off highlighting connection points, page view, auto connect, grid view, snap to grid and snap to object. Use the zoom slider or the preset list to change the zoom of your editing window. You may also zoom by holding the ctrl key while using the mouse wheel. To change your view in ClickCharts, hold the spacebar down, your mouse pointer will become a hand. Click and drag with your mouse to change your view. To scroll vertically, you can use the scroll bar at the edge of the window or use the mouse wheel. To scroll horizontally, use the scroll bar at the bottom of the window or hold the shift key while using the mouse wheel. The Home toolbar has the tools that you use most. Create a new diagram from a template or start with a blank sheet. To maintain editing capabilities, save your diagram in .ccd format. To share with others, save to pdf or as an image. Use the pointer to select items on the diagram to make edits to attributes such as size, color, location and font. Note that several buttons have small arrows next to them which display additional options when clicked. Use the Page button to change your paper size or orientation. You can also change the page bleed and scale here using the sliders. The Edit tab includes useful tools such as, copy and paste, and undo or redo. Click on the Options button to enable auto-save making sure that you never lose important work, change the grid size and more. The Text tab has additional options. For more ClickCharts tutorials, visit Do you need help using ClickCharts? View the ClickCharts Help Manual: Visit the ClickCharts Forum: Contact Support: