Crusader Kings II

Povijesna strategija koja vas vodi u razdoblje križarskih ratova. Pročitajte više o Crusader Kings II
Crusader Kings II Crusader Kings II Video
Crusader Kings 2 Tutorial Video
📌 Tips & Guides Playlist!► Hey guys, this is a How to Play / Tutorial / Guide on the Real Time Strategy Simulator Game Crusader Kings II for PC featuring Gameplay with Live English Commentary! In this CK2 tutorial video I guide you through the core mechanics of the game in less than 30 minutes without any DLC! This means everything from teaching you how everything works as well as informing you on a great country to start with! Enjoy! 📺 Live Streaming At!► 📌 CK2 Asturias Playthrough!► 📌 CK2 Sheikh of Mecca Playthrough!► 💰 Patreon!► ❤️ Humble Bundle Affiliate Link!► 🎮 Daily Game Sales at Chrono!► 💲 Amazon Affiliates Link USA!► 💲 Amazon Affiliates Link Canada!► 💲 Amazon Affiliates Link UK!► ~Stay in Touch!~ Twitter!► Facebook!► Discord Server!► Steam Group!► Steam!►  TeeSpring Shop!► Reddit Fan Page!► Curious Cat!► Tip Jar!► #CK2 #CrusaderKings2