Disk Drill for Windows

Alat za povrat izbrisanih datoteka. Pročitajte više o Disk Drill for Windows
Disk Drill for Windows Disk Drill for Windows Video
Recover deleted files with Disk Drill, freeware data recovery app for your Windows PC! Video
Lost important data? Want to restore some deleted files? Want this for free? Try Disk Drill for Windows. Disk Drill offers free data recovery within 500MB. Download Disk Drill 2 for Windows: http://www.cleverfiles.com/disk-drill-windows.html If you need to recover some lost documents, music files, videos or pictures, we are glad to offer you to try the Disk Drill app. Disk Drill can retrieve deleted data from almost any storage medium, e.g. built-in Windows hard drives, external hard drives, USB flash drives, iPods, memory cards, etc. Moreover, Disk Drill supports most of the file systems to recover your files from: FAT, exFAT, NTFS file system, iHFS+ Mac drive and Linux EXT2/3/4 - yes, Disk Drill is fully compatible with all of these! In case your drive partition is lost or reformatted, Disk Drill will find the “path” to the partition in question and restore it, so that your files can be recovered then. In addition to files recovery, Disk Drill also protects your PC from future data loss. Recovery Vault keeps a record of all the deleted files, making it much easier to recover them in the future. So, if you ever encounter critical data loss again, make sure you stop using your drive immediately and download Disk Drill, that is 100% safe and free data recovery app for your Windows PC!