Korisna razmjena podataka i sinkronizacijski alat koji vam pomaže da uskladite svoje osobne dokumente, te ih zaštitite od neovlaštenog pristupa.. Pročitajte više o Gabatto2share
Gabatto2share Gabatto2share Video
Gabatto2share operation tips for Advanced User Video 1. "Drag-n-Drop" to demonstrate 1) hooking a new folder and 2) dropping a file on the Main Form. 2. on Change History to demonstrate 1) reverting a file back to where it was out of the Recycle bin and 2) deleting a file on Change History. 3. "Schedule" to demonstrate 1) creating a new task to register and 2) confirming the task on Task Scheduler. 4. "Send Error" to demonstrate what to input in the required fields in order to send the error email to the specified account(s) with the error log file. 5. "Just in case" to demonstrate what to input in the required fields in order to send the email to the specified account(s). 6. "Cloud Hopping" to demonstrate 1) Out to Cloud and 2) Out of Cloud on the Gabatto Context Menu. 7. "Email Attach" to demonstrate opening the default Email client on which the selected files are attached on the Gabatto Context Menu.
Gabatto2share operation instructions for beginners Video Gabatto2share (Gabatto to share) synchronizes folders between any local folder on your PC and remote one on a server. The built-in bidirectional sync algorithm ensures document integrity in the shared computing environment by simultaneous and multiple users. Gabatto2share comes with functionalities required for enterprise computing such as document change history, error reporting, permanent file loss prevention, and file recovery.