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Best Settings for HandBrake To Upload to YouTube [Updated Tutorial] Video
HANDBRAKE | Best Quality Settings 2014 | Tutorial Video
HANDBRAKE - Best Quality Advanced Settings Tutorial. First recorded in 2014, this short easy to follow video shows how to reduce the file size of your videos whilst maintaining excellent quality. This tutorial provides most people with the best conversion settings to use when preparing to upload a HD video to YouTube. OFFICIAL HANDBRAKE DOWNLOAD LINK: http://handbrake.fr/downloads.php The software is free, and alternative versions are available for PC, Mac and Linux/Ubuntu EXTENDED DESCRIPTION - BEST HIGH QUALITY SETTINGS TUTORIAL 2014: Before recording this video (which was made using the exact settings described) I gathered together six different settings profiles from other tutorials and articles online. I then encoded 2 different source videos using each of the settings. One source was a desktop screen capture and the other was a high-paced action sequence. I made a visual comparison of all the resulting videos and selected which sample provided me with the highest quality video at a low file size. I also took screen captures at exactly the same frame in each video and compared side-by-side, using magnification tools where required. As well as this, I also took into account the amount of time taken to encode using each of the settings. Some settings took twice as long to encode, with the quality hardly changing. Other settings took less time to complete, but some of the results were awful! Yes, some settings gave a really low file size, but the difference can be seen easily on a small PC monitor, never mind a large TV screen! Other settings gave a larger file size, but the differences to the naked eye were negligable when compared to the settings I explain in this guide. When you think that computer internet connections are getting faster, the need for the lowest filesize possible is not as important as it used to be. On the other hand, alot of people still have a low-limit connection and cannot afford to upload huge files that can stretch to many gigabytes nowadays. For me, the converter settings I use here seem to give the 'best value' with all things considered. As for this video, these settings reduced the file from 56mb to just 13mb! Q&A SECTION: Q. WHEN DO I ENCODE USING HANDBRAKE? A. After rendering your edited video in your chosen movie-making software. Q. DOES THE AUDIO HAVE TO BE SET TO 128kps? A. Not really, I sometimes use 192kps, but the difference isn't usually noticeable at all, and 128kps helps support a lower file size. Q. THE RF LEVEL AT 02:03 ... 20 or 22? A. I tend to use 20, as it should give slightly higher quality results. 22 may help reduce your file size though. Q. WILL THERE BE MORE QUESTIONS ADDED TO THIS LIST? A. Yes, probably. Depending on what gets asked in the comments, I may add some important entries here to save trawling. THANKS FOR WATCHING! ==================== Please take the time to rate the video by hitting the Like (or Dislike) button and helping the channel grow. Also, why not add some feedback in the comments section - I make time to view every comment and these help me provide you with more of what you want! Want more? Follow me on... ✚ Google+: http://goo.gl/7Y16EK ✚ Facebook: http://goo.gl/n5YRbs ✚ Twitter: http://goo.gl/kEJlHI CREDITS ======= ♫ Additional Audio ➜ http://www.audionautix.com [HANDBRAKE | Best High Quality Settings | Tutorial 2014 | HD]
How To Use Handbrake Video
This is a quick tutorial on how to use the popular DVD ripping tool Handbrake.