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LIMEWIRE in 2019 • Music Era in 2000s (19 Years Later) Video
In 2000, P2P programs were the music industry worst nightmare. It was a gamble downloading music, you might get the song or something else. Using Limewire in 2019. This is for educational purposes and should only download songs that they legally own or should support the artist themselves by buying the actual song/album. SUBSCRIBE & Turn On Notification Bell: My Equipment • Electric Skateboard: (Use code "Simply-100" for $100 off) • BIG Camera: • small camera: • Lens Kit: • Bendy Tripod: • Camera Mic: • Gaming video recorder: • Microphone: Start your FREE Amazon Prime Trial: ~ • • • • (Donate) • For business inquiries: ~ SimplyPops #Limewire #Napster #2000