MotorSport Revolution

Izvrsna simulacija utrka sa sportskim autima. Pročitajte više o MotorSport Revolution
MotorSport Revolution MotorSport Revolution Video
MotorSport Revolution Steam Launch Trailer Video
Motorsport Revolution is a single-player, physics-based racing game inspired by classic arcade and console racing games, as well as the popular Le Mans Series, which is considered the most challenging sport racing class in the world. With these influences in mind, we’re creating an epic immersive VR motorsport racing experience where players race the world’s top production-class race cars in the ultimate test on the world’s most difficult tracks. This official launch trailer shows live racing gameplay for both standard and VR gaming PCs. The complete game features 10 different tracks from around the world and 22 different cars to choose from. This new preview features some of our new car models and well as driver AI used in our first person racing title.!motorsport-vr/c22wb