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Windows 10 Mail vs Thunderbird | Picking an Email App Video
Comparison between Windows 10 Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird for which email application you may want to use on Windows 10. Mail Up Sides - Modern Interface - Smooth Animations - Simplified Settings? - Shows email chain below most recent email - Notifications in Windows Action Center - Easier editor for things like adding hyperlinks - Create Linked Inboxes Downsides - Initially noticed a little slowdown in opening emails - possibly due to downloading email accounts - Need Seperate RSS Reader - Features like Automatic Replies don't seem to be available for Google Thunderbird Up Sides - Unified View - 3rd Party Mozbackup to Import / Export User Accounts - Integrates with Chat Accounts (Google Talk, Twitter, No Skype) - Can Serve as RSS Feed Reader - Cross Platform Downsides - Older clunkier interface. - Google Contacts not Automatic ➣ Please Support the Channel Patreon: Paypal: Bitcoin: 17Pn5PifFmRkHRAqCZQAom1ZjCiSf7qJjJ Ethereum: 0x6f2781F382952c8caCDbE99C46F07c265ab59627 ➣ Also Follow Me On Udemy ►► My Tutorial / Review Website ►► Minds ►► Vid.Me ►►
Mozilla Thunderbird Video
Mozilla Thunderbird is a shining example of an open-source project that has become extremely popular. Approx 15 to 20 million people use Thunderbird as their every day mail and news client. || Add Me: Google +: Tweet: It is truly cross-platform, running on Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. Check out this week's episode of OS.ALT for my review of Thunderbird. Fight for the users in our Discord: