Kompletan paket za analizu video datoteka. Pročitajte više o MultiScopeLite
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How to get a vectorscope and waveform monitor running on BlackMagic Design products. Video
As video professionals, having the highest quality video to work with is of paramount importance. Whether you produce for broadcast, DVD or Blu ray, any video produced must meet high quality standards to get the best results for your viewing audience. What video calibration and measurement tools do you use to get the best out of your video production? A vectorscope, a waveform monitor and an RGB parade scope come to mind. This equipment used to be heavy rack mounted gear, where only studio and professional video test facilities could afford to buy them much less provide the means to house them. How things have changed. Now any video professional can go mobile, at low cost and get professional video measurement and calibration tools right on their laptops. MultiScopeLite a video software product from Rumble House Media Group Inc., MultiscopeLite is a combination video monitoring, measurement, calibration and analysis tool all in one for video professionals on the go. A real time waveform monitor, vectorscope, RGB/YUV parade and histogram scopes are integrated into one tool to handle both standard SD and HD input video streams. The software detects and installs most video capture devices to allow easy one time operation. Products from well known names like BlackMagic Design, AJA, Grass Valley, Hauppauge, Logitech and more are supported. For more information check out product page below or download our free TRIAL and run the software in real operating environment and see for yourself. I would appreciate feedback from you as a LIKE or a comment. Thank you.