Notepad++ je besplatni editor programskog koda koji podržava mnoštvo programskih jezika. Pročitajte više o Notepad++
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Basics of HTML Coding - Notepad++ Video
In this video I will show you the basics of making a HTML webpage in either Notepad, or Notepad++ Sorry I stutter every now and then, This is my first ever voice Tutorial :) There are some things I missed out, if you do not under stand a part, Leave a message below and I will get back to you! Links: Notepad++ - W3Schools - Twitter - Basic HTML structure - (its a .txt file which will open in notepad) Thanks to VvComphelpvV, for inspiring me to make video tutorials! Thanks Dude! Thanks All! Tags: How to make a webpage in HTML, coding, notepad, technological UK, windows 7, camtasia 6, online, website, vvcomphelpvv, watermark, coding, w3schools sound microphone twitter facebook youtube.http hack hacks xbox xbox360 360 ps ps3 ps2 3 2 1 woodcutting wc runescape edit stats world of war craft warcraft modern warfare 99 98 92 google yahoo bing serch funny stupid animated gif picture pictures pics pic help youtube zezima fat stupid people idoits fail fails collection laser lazor party gertjaars bass tips tip volume skype msn skins swiftkit firefox dance valve happy best rofl lol lmao roflmao turban news car cars ferrari hood lowrider pimp how to where what the and my bye buy by it its is liamb135 :)