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OmegaT OmegaT Video
Translating with OmegaT - The Basics Video
If you are new to translating with software, please check out: This is a 10-min tutorial on how to start with a simple text-document, preparing it, importing the source into OmegaT, translating it segment-by-segment and finally export the target-document. Best watched in the 480p or 720p resolution. I am open and thankful for any critics, ideas, hints, bug-reports and feedbacks in general. Really. Contributions: * Debora Santos and Sheila Gomes translated the subtitles/captions from English into Portuguese (Brazil) ... many thanks! :-) PS: While the video is "slightly" technical and boring, I truly hope that people can still see the joy in the art of translating ;) Disclaimer: This video was created with free software, all sound-effects were done by me or my faulty microphone. No music was used, just to be sure .... (DRM, SONY, GEMA, etc., you know the usual suspects)