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Tutorial Paltalk for Windows and Mac Video
Welcome to Paltalk for Windows and Mac To download & Install Paltalk: 1- Enter official Paltalk website and click on the download button . 2- Fill out the registration form:Nickname Password Email Address then click on " sign up & Install Paltalk downloading will start 3- Click on the setup File, then the install will pop up click on Agree & Install 4- When the login window will appear type your nickname and password and click on login. Now you can see Paltalk Main Window from the top right side choose All Rooms Tab, to see all categories of Paltalk rooms choose any category and room you would like to join. When you are in the chat room you can click on waiting then Join Queue to Talk and to take the mic, do one click on the lock mic icon right next to the "Text Typing Area". 5- To add someone to your pal list just right click on the nickname in the room and and click on Add to Pal List For more information about Paltalk you can join Paltalk Help Lobby 1 under Help Category. We hope you will enjoy Paltalk ! Install Paltalk Now!