Grafički urednik za profesionalno poboljšanje fotografija. Pročitajte više o PhotoWorks
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Looking for a good image editor jam-packed with various tools? Try out PhotoWorks: PhotoWorks is an easy-to-use photo editing program that is suitable for both new and advanced users. Thanks to the simple interface and convenient Search option, you won’t have to waste time digging in the whole program for this or that feature. As a result, the workflow is very pleasing: a few clicks and stokes and the task is done. The convenient comparing tool will help you see the difference between the original and edited image. What can you do with this software? A whole lot! It has an extensive toolkit comparable to the top-rated image editors: 🔸 Replace image background with a few brush strokes 🔸 Change a certain color without damaging the others 🔸 Remove unwanted objects like wires, people or junk 🔸 Retouch portraits like a pro with the Portrait Magic presets 🔸 Add captions and watermarks 🔸 Apply dozens of different one-click effects Want to grab your pictures and experiment with this easy-to-use photo editor? Then download PhotoWorks and turn your images into pro shots! Eager to learn some useful photo editing tricks? Check out these videos: ⏯ Change hair color on your photo - ⏯ How to straighten horizon - ⏯ Three simple ways to fix bleak colors - ➜ Subscribe to our channel not to miss any of our new videos: