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Alat koji kontrolira distribuciju energije između programa i procesa koji su trenutno pokrenuti. Pročitajte više o Process Lasso
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FLIGHT BLOG #21 - Using Process Lasso Video
This one is for you Robert and anyone else that might be suffering from getting Prepar3D to run properly on your system. It's all in the balance of the Force aka CPU/GPU combo. To help us get this balance we turn to a wonderful program called Process Lasso which can be downloaded for free from here: If you like it consider buying the full version. Here is a explanation of how I setup my Prepar3D using this tool. Hope this helps out. It's not 100% fool proof but it has given me far more enjoyable flights than I've ever had in the fast. Process Lasso can be used with FSX as well. ADD-ONS USED: ============= AIRCRAFT ============= Default ============= SCENERY ============= ORBX FTX Global ============= AIRPORTS ============= My Photoreal KAMA-Amarillo Project ============= UTILITIES ============= PROCESS LASSO ----------------------------------------­------------------------------------- SYSTEM SPECS: ============== i7 3930k 6 Core @ 4.4GHZ ASUS Sabertooth X79 Mobo ASUS GTX 770 OC II 2gig DDR5 32gigs G.Skill 1866mhz RipJaw RAM 3x24" ASUS Monitors Saitek X65F with Combat Rudder Pedals Win 7 64-Bit Pro CFG TWEAKS =========== TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=80 TextureMaxLoad=30 FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 (Less time loading textures, more time processing avionics please! No blurries on P3D!)
Using Process Lasso to avoid gaming mode reboots on Ryzen ThreadRipper Video
I have discovered, by accident and being a user of Process Lasso by Bitsum, that it can actually avoid having to reboot your PC due to excessive core caused crashes in certain game titles. I am not a professional youtube uploader so I hope in some way this helps.