Pomoć pri manipuliranju i stvaranju grafičkih struktura, uz pouzdan znanstveni plotting paket.. Pročitajte više o Veusz
Veusz Veusz Video
Creating Graphs Pt. 1 Video
Veusz is Open Source Free software used for scientific plotting and graphing. I have been using it extensively to create graphs on my website. I have not used all of the features available on Veusz, so this is not a complete tutorial, but just showing how I use it. Part 2 and Part 3 will show the other steps I use to create the graphs. Veusz is a graphical user interface program (point and click) and is available for Windows and Mac as well as Linux. The Veusz web site is: Also please check out my website All material in this video was produced by me and I have Licensed this by the Creative Commons Attribution license ( ) for reuse. All I ask is that you provide a link back to this original work and the exit screen to my website.